From “Rockstar Employee” to “Horrible Manager” – Are we setting our BEST up to FAIL?

We have all had those amazing employees, the ones that rise above the rest, the “A” players that know their positions inside out, so it makes perfect sense to promote them to a management position in their area or department when one becomes available, right?

Unfortunately, more times than not, the answer is…. NOT RIGHT.

We all see the benefits that promoting from within can provide for employers:

  • The employee already knows how the company operates
  • They understand the business’s culture
  • They know the tasks and responsibilities of the position better than anyone
  • In theory, there should be less training than bringing in someone from the outside

However, promoting from within isn’t always positive for the employee, employer or others in the organization. Managers often become managers because they were great at what they did, not necessarily because they are great at dealing with their peers and upper management.

We all know how costly it can be to make the wrong hiring decision, it can be just as costly to make the wrong promotion internally hiring.

In an article from, they compiled a list of 15 signs to know if your CURRENT employee is ready to be your NEW manager:

  1. They change their vocabulary from "mine" to "ours."
  2. They prove they can manage themselves.
  3. They look out for others.
  4. They take responsibility.
  5. They excel above expectations.
  6. They actually want to take it on.
  7. They've mastered their technical craft.
  8. They already manage without realizing it. (** This one is my FAVOURITE)
  9. They go above and beyond in completing their tasks.
  10. They look for solutions.
  11. They show ingenuity.
  12. They help others.
  13. They show ownership.
  14. They volunteer for leadership roles.
  15. They're proactive.

When a management position becomes available in your organization, take your time to review the signs above and analyze if someone in your current employee database is fully capable of stepping into those bigger shoes.

If not, don’t take the easy way out and just promote them, as it most likely won’t be successful for them, you or the others around them. In some cases, after carefully analyzing, looking outside your company for new hires can be the best strategy.....even for those that are already on the inside.

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- Blog written by KAN Management - February, 5th, 2019