Workplace Wellness Trends on the Rise in 2020

With the arrival of the new year, we’re seeing some new wellness trends emerge among the corporate space. Employees are more aware than ever that a healthy life is a happy life and that a well-being lifestyle is positively impacting their work-life as well. Standard health and dental packages for employees are being enhanced with funds for gym memberships, mental health support and money-management courses. Here are some of our favourite emerging corporate wellness trends we can’t wait to see implemented in the Okanagan Valley;

  • Financial Wellness Programs; Employers are making their employee’s financial success a corporate priority in 2020. Employees can take advantage of financial education and support to budget their funds, manage debt and plan for retirement.
  • Healthy Snack Alternatives in a Relaxing Break Room; Gone are the days of vending machines around the office, conscious companies are getting on board with fresh, protein-packed healthy snacks for employees to grab as an afternoon pick-me-up. Break rooms are being revamped to promote comfort and time to recharge, with protein bars, fresh fruits and smoothies replacing typical chocolate bar grabs.
  • Paid Fitness Memberships; Teams will be getting healthy together this year, even participating in group fitness challenges and events. Yoga studios, Cross-Fit gyms and group class facilities will boom with happier, healthier, more relaxed employees.
  • Health Coaching and Holistic Therapy; With the rise of self-care and personal development focuses, it’s no surprise that we’ll see more top employers introducing coaching and alternative therapy coverage into employee benefits programs. Employees can invest in programs that will promote their personal growth, mental health and overall well-being with tailorable comprehensive benefits packages.

  • Ergonomic Workspace Upgrades; Standing Desks and Exercise Ball Chairs opened the floodgates for office spaces that promote healthy posture and productivity. You’ll see plenty of new styles and set-ups of office desks across the nation that help to reduce stress on the neck, hips, limbs and spine.

As the recruitment field evolves, we’ll continue to bring you exciting trends and updates. Let us help you to grow your team of qualified pros or find you the perfect corporate culture to excel in this year.