Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace

It’s no secret that the average person spends one-third of their time in the workplace; making it vital that the environment promotes the feeling of security and positivity for all employees. 

Research shows that employees who feel content, safe and heard not only have increased productivity but also decreased the likelihood of mental-health-related disabilities. A positive workplace not only provides a healthy space for employees to work, but it also creates the ripple benefit of increased revenues. Healthy, united workplaces will see less turnover of employees and fewer illness-related absences; talk about win-win for the whole team.

Focusing on your team’s well-being isn’t just about flexible vacation policies or financial perks, but rather a well-rounded workplace that allows employees to grow. Some additional foundations of a healthy workplace include regular one-to-one reviews where employees can voice suggestions and receive advice, ergonomically-friendly desk spaces as well as flexible working arrangements where available.

To see wonderful services available to you such as the Peer Support Canada Program, or to find out how you can get involved in Mental Health for All, head over to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

In addition, here are some tips to keep your team thriving and smiling;

Promote Growth

A key practice both for individual and overall team success is to offer additional training and resources that help your employees to develop their skills. Confidence is contagious, and there’s no confidence like that gained from a new skill or piece of information. Consider encouraging your team with an on-site community bookshelf that offers new or used self-care or skillset themed books.

Celebrate Achievements

Top producers, team players and outstanding achievers alike; recognition is a productivity promoter. Recognition doesn’t have to be showcased with an elaborate party; a company newsletter or bulletin board is a great way to recognize those going above and beyond for their company and team.

The Supportive Stance

A listening ear goes a long way. Be sure to keep open lines of communication for employees to express how they’re feeling, discuss workload concerns or talk about areas in need of improvement.

Set Clear Expectations

Whether an employee is excelling in their work or struggling to manage their workload will play a large part in their mental and physical health. Be clear on project expectations, deadlines and final outcomes to ensure reduced stress and smooth project performance.

Create Interactive Environments

Some of the best ideas come from open-table discussions or thought collaborations. Gain interaction from employees by encouraging project suggestions and ideas to foster well-being.

Consider that happiness in the workplace isn’t a destination; it’s a starting point. From lead management positions to newly on-boarded staff; everyone will thrive together when given a happy and healthy professional setting.