New Hires and Culture: Will they fit?

It has kind of become pretty common knowledge that traditional recruiting programs that rely on metrics and quantifiable accomplishments can miss the mark on some pretty major predictors of employee performance: mainly, will they fit the culture of your workplace?

Culture fit has recently become a trending topic as people are starting to realize that accolades and awards don’t necessarily predict how an employee will jive with others around the water cooler, nor whether a potential employee’s work style will fit with the company expectations.

Here are a few tips to navigating this new category of recruitment:

Avoid using generic applications for all positions.

One size fits all recruitment strategies no longer are effective at predicting employee fit. Make sure each application is tailored to the specific position it is seeking to fill and make the application process as short and efficient as possible.

Try organic interviews

While incorporating some standard questions will be able to tell you if the potential employee is qualified, an organic conversation will tell you much more about their personal ‘culture’ and approach to socializing.

Be honest about your organization

Show transparency with the culture, the perks, and the drawbacks. Your brand story is out there anyway – social media is pretty powerful. Prospective employees will usually self-assess to see if it fits how they envision their vision of their future.

Provide feedback

It’s very rare that prospective employees get any feedback at all about their interview style. A polite, concise, and helpful email to give them an idea about how they did will go far to attract great candidates in the future. Word of mouth about corporate culture is one of the best ways to attract top talent.

Most of all, make your corporate culture a daily priority. Positive workplaces speak for themselves and often attract their own best fits.

I make every effort with all clients to engrain myself in their business. This way I understand the culture, motivators and the team environment, this gives us a major advantage during the recruitment process. 

Over twenty years in business and recruitment I have learnt that understanding your business is everything when working as your matchmaker between business and candidate.

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