A Leaders Guide to Promoting Team Productivity

Hosting a strong and diverse team of employees who work together towards the success of the company is every employer’s dream come true, but what does it really take to bring cohesion and productivity to your workplace?

A 2019 Forbes.com article boasts that employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to produce their best work, which translates to highly engaged teams showing a 21% increase in company profitability as well.

Here are some sure-fire ways to promote team productivity within your company environment;

• Work Share and Collaboration: nothing kills a productive vibe quite like a lonely repetitive task. Encourage workshare among your teammates to allow them to brainstorm ideas and create stronger working systems. You may want to assign teams or pairs of employees to a project or assign pieces of a project to different individuals on the team. The key to successful workshare is utilizing a workflow or task management platform that ensures projects remain on track and nothing gets missed; we love the platform Asana to manage this day-to-day must-dos.

• Team Meetings: if you’ve ever sat in on an important meeting, you know that being a part of the action is incredibly inspiring. Bringing your team members into the realm of brainstorming and marketing-style meetings can open your company up to new ideas and strategies. Mixing different demographics of employees opens up strategies and points of view that may not otherwise have been discovered.

• Team Building Events: raise the spirits of your team with a fun and interactive event. Trending 2019 Kelowna team-building time includes; volunteering together for a local organization, collaborating to beat the clock to break-out of an EXIT escape room or enjoying a leisurely team sport such as sailing on Okanagan Lake.

• Recognition: Statistics show that not only is productivity increased in teams receiving regular performance reviews, but turnover rates in employees are also reduced by up to 17%. Whether you choose to publish monthly standings to the team or recognize only the top players of the month; promote your team to strive towards milestones and achievements by ensuring they feel engaged and recognized.

For more ideas on how to create a productive, united and healthy workforce, visit our full KAN Management Services Blog or Employer Services page.