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Employing Millennials – now you have them….how do you keep them?​

- Written by KAN Management - 01-08-2019

With Millennials starting to dominate the workforce, many employers find themselves puzzled on how and what to do with them in regards to retention.

It is a fact that Millennials are taking over the workforce, however, the reality is that the average job tenure is only between 2-4 years for this generation and nothing about that is an issue for them. They welcome change and diversity and see moving to new companies on a regular basis as an asset, not a liability.


From ROCKSTAR employee to HORRIBLE manager - are we setting our best up to fail? 

- Written by KAN Management - 02-05-2019

We have all had those amazing employees, the ones that rise above the rest, the “A” players that know their positions inside out, so it makes perfect sense to promote them to a management position in their area or department when one becomes available, right?

Unfortunately, more times than not, the answer is…. NOT RIGHT. 


Why do Employees Quit? 

- Written by KAN Management - 04-29-2019

If you’re as familiar with LinkedIn as we are (and you should be), you’ve become quite accustomed to seeing change. It’s become standard to see not one, or two, but many people in your network changing jobs. It seems like every day you log in to LinkedIn you’re met with; “congratulate this person on starting a new position”. On the surface, this seems positive (and most often it is - for the employee, at least), but have you ever stopped to wonder why people move so often? Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “Now why would they leave THAT job, it seems like a dream?” Us too. So we dove into some research to figure out a couple of key questions.


Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility 

- Written by KAN Management - 05-24-2019

Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic these days, propelled by conscious adult millennials, calls for corporate transparency and ease of access to information, and the potential of social media to make or break a business. With organizations like Do Some Good becoming powerful tools for consumers to get involved and see which companies are practicing giving back, it’s never been more important for business owners to engage with some form of community practice.


Want to build your business? Build trust

- Written by KAN Management - 07-15-2019

It’s not always easy – but mutual trust is critical to any efficient (and profitable) business. According to one statistic, businesses, where employee trust in their management team is high, are three times as likely to earn high revenue.

So how can YOU build trust?

Well, to be honest, first and foremost you have to mean it. You have to truly, honestly, from the heart, mean it. Be trustworthy – because it’s an instinct and gut-feeling, quantifiable traits and actions do not always translate to feelings of trust. 


New Hires and Culture: Will they fit?

- Written by KAN Management - 08-12-2019

It has kind of become pretty common knowledge that traditional recruiting programs that rely on metrics and quantifiable accomplishments can miss the mark on some pretty major predictors of employee performance: mainly, will they fit the culture of your workplace?

Culture fit has recently become a trending topic as people are starting to realize that accolades and awards don’t necessarily predict how an employee will jive with others around the water cooler, nor whether a potential employee’s work style will fit with the company expectations.


Promoting Positive Mental Health in the Workplace

- Written by KAN Management - 10-06-2019

It’s no secret that the average person spends one-third of their time in the workplace; making it vital that the environment promotes the feeling of security and positivity for all employees.

Research shows that employees who feel content, safe and heard not only have increased productivity but also decreased the likelihood of mental-health-related disabilities.


A Leaders Guide to Promoting Team Productivity

- Written by KAN Management - 11-22-2019

Hosting a strong and diverse team of employees who work together towards the success of the company is every employer’s dream come true, but what does it really take to bring cohesion and productivity to your workplace?

A 2019 Forbes.com article boasts that employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to produce their best work, which translates to highly engaged teams showing a 21% increase in company profitability as well.


5 Ways to Give Strong Performance Feedback

- Written by KAN Management - 12-18-2019

Giving timely and valuable performance feedback to employees may be the most important duty of a management level role. It’s vital to give feedback that focuses on performance over personality while establishing clear goals for the future.

If you’re looking to increase the success of the feedback you deliver, try implementing these easy but key performance feedback tips;


Workplace Wellness Trends on the Rise in 2020

- Written by KAN Management - 01-20-2020

With the arrival of the new year, we’re seeing some new wellness trends emerge among the corporate space. Employees are more aware than ever that a healthy life is a happy life and that a well-being lifestyle is positively impacting their work-life as well. Standard health and dental packages for employees are being enhanced with funds for gym memberships, mental health support and money-management courses. Here are some of our favourite emerging corporate wellness trends we can’t wait to see implemented in the Okanagan Valley;


Top 5 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Firm

- Written by KAN Management - 04-15-2020

Partnering with a recruitment agency can be highly beneficial not only for your HR department but for your company as a whole. You may already know that the primary purpose of a recruitment agency is to match qualified job seekers with great businesses who have a specific role to fill. What you may not know is the full scope of expertise, thorough screening and ease of new employee onboarding that comes with hiring a professional recruitment firm for your company’s open position needs. Here are the top 5 benefits you can expect;