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Employing Millennials – now you have them….how do you keep them?​

- Written by KAN Management - 01-08-2019

With Millennials starting to dominate the workforce, many employers find themselves puzzled on how and what to do with them in regards to retention.

It is a fact that Millennials are taking over the workforce, however, the reality is that the average job tenure is only between 2-4 years for this generation and nothing about that is an issue for them. They welcome change and diversity and see moving to new companies on a regular basis as an asset, not a liability.


From ROCKSTAR employee to HORRIBLE manager - are we setting our best up to fail? 

- Written by KAN Management - 02-05-2019

We have all had those amazing employees, the ones that rise above the rest, the “A” players that know their positions inside out, so it makes perfect sense to promote them to a management position in their area or department when one becomes available, right?

Unfortunately, more times than not, the answer is…. NOT RIGHT. 


Why do Employees Quit? 

- Written by KAN Management - 04-29-2019

If you’re as familiar with LinkedIn as we are (and you should be), you’ve become quite accustomed to seeing change. It’s become standard to see not one, or two, but many people in your network changing jobs. It seems like every day you log in to LinkedIn you’re met with; “congratulate this person on starting a new position”. On the surface, this seems positive (and most often it is - for the employee, at least), but have you ever stopped to wonder why people move so often? Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “Now why would they leave THAT job, it seems like a dream?” Us too. So we dove into some research to figure out a couple of key questions.


Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility 

- Written by KAN Management - 05-24-2019

Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic these days, propelled by conscious adult millennials, calls for corporate transparency and ease of access to information, and the potential of social media to make or break a business. With organizations like Do Some Good becoming powerful tools for consumers to get involved and see which companies are practicing giving back, it’s never been more important for business owners to engage with some form of community practice.