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ABOUT KRISTIE (the business person) .....

With over 20 years of experience in business management, sales, recruitment, distribution and administration, I have a very extensive and diverse background to understand all the different departments and positions within an organization. My passion has been in developing relationships with local Kelowna businesses and job seekers to act as a “business matchmaker”. 

My plan is to first understand YOUR business and culture and then find ideal candidates to meet YOUR hiring goals.  I am excited to bring a creative and informative approach to each recruit I endure which is sure to enhance your overall client experience.

ABOUT KRISTIE (the wife, m​other, sister, friend) ....

When not busy running KAN Management Services; I can be found enjoying the Kelowna Lifestyle with my husband (Derek) and daughter (Ali). My family and I moved to Kelowna from the Lower Mainland in 2013 and have never looked back. I am extremely fortunate to also live in a city surrounded by 

family, friends and community. 

I am also proud to be the President of the Board for DRESS FOR SUCCESS KELOWNA a local charity that helps women who are on a journey to get into the workforce. Being part of helping to boost a woman’s confidence is something I am honoured to be connected too. 

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ABOUT KRISTIE'S TEAM (Macie Lou - the "furry" office assistant) ....

Macie is an Assistant to Kristie and our “Director of Happiness”. When not wagging her tail or playing with her toys she can be found wandering around the office looking for snacks & taking afternoon naps.